Media hits (archive)

This post archives media hits other than THRILL Lab from publications prior to the conversion to this site format.

  • Allison, L. 2020 July 1. Face masks can be issue for the hard of hearing and deaf. Newsmax
  • Smith, L. 2020 May 6, Face masks are terrible for the deaf community. Designers need to do better. Fast Company
  • Roseman, E., 2013. Banks must meet customers’ special needs. Toronto Star. 4 May. Pg B3. Featured in.
  • MacDonald, M., 2010, November 8. Deaf professors get heard. University Affairs.
  • Hart, L. 2010. CCCPE grants certification to the first “25 years experience” applicants. Communiqué 403, 4 pgs. Profiled in.
  • Komarnicki, J., Wingrove, J. 2008. Location of major propane sites unclear. The Globe and Mail. 15 August 2008. Pg. A8. Quoted interview.
  • Firkins, K. 2007. Deaf professor advises on accessibility standards for Ontarians with disabilities. SIGNews. October. p.13.
  • Redmond, C. 2007, March 22, Daily Bulletin, external link, University of Waterloo.
  • Mastromatteo, M. 2006. Relief, mitigation, prevention: P.Engs and public safety. Engineering Dimensions , May/June, 61-66.
  • Byers, J., 2006, March. Leaders among us. Association of Canadian Ergonomists Communiqué 36 (1), 1,3. (Professional profile/interview.)
  • Campbell, H., Stratiy, A. & Robinson, J. (2001) Deaf Women in Canada. Edmonton, Alberta: Duvall House Publishing.

Author: Kathryn Woodcock

Dr. Kathryn Woodcock is Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University, teaching, researching, and consulting in the area of human factors engineering / ergonomics particularly applied to amusement rides and attractions (, and to broader occupational and public safety issues of performance, error, investigation and inspection, and to disability and accessibility.